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Wed Sep 8 16:59:14 UTC 2010

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> The way I see it, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
> Along
> those lines, I'm putting in some mitigation techniques are as follows
> (hopefully this will reduce the number of incidents and therefore calls
> to the abuse desk). I would appreciate any feedback folks can give me.
> A) Force any outbound mail through my SMTP server with AV/spam
> filtering.
> B) Force HTTP traffic through a SQUID proxy with SNORT/ClamAV running
> (several other WISPs are doing this with fairly substantial bandwidth
> savings. However I realize that many sites aren't cache friendly.
> Anyone
> know of a good way to check for that? Look at HTTP headers?).  Do the
> bandwidth savings/security checking outweigh the increased support
> calls
> due to "broken" web sites?
> C) Force DNS to go through my server. I hope to reduce DNS hijacking
> attacks this way.
> Thanks!

For either A, B or C you won't get my business, let alone a combination of all 3. *wah!* There is too much FORCE here. :-)


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