Inline Traffic Management / Tracking - Usage Based Billing

Paul Stewart pstewart at
Wed Sep 8 00:52:36 UTC 2010

Hi there...


We are examining several options currently for appliances/devices that
sit  inline (most likely) and can perform all/some of these services:


-Track customer usage and generate monthly reports based on username
(PPPOE) or cable MAC (DHCP) - and doesn't require any changes to our
Radius infrastructure.  In other words, it has the smarts to gather the
username/IP combination along with the Radius Start/Stop to do accurate

-Throttling of certain services/applications at certain times of day
(looking for fairly extensive options here including ability to take
total link capacity into account - reasonably dynamic)

-24X7X365 support and hardware coverage (no next business day shipping -
4 hour response onsite kind of stuff)

-Clustering/HA options

-Centralized management/reporting


This is NOT an open invitation for sales people to contact me - I'm
asking here for operational feedback with likes/dislikes.  I can
appreciate if most folks prefer to reply offline.  We have trialled the
Arbor solution to date but that is the only comparison we have so far.




Paul Stewart


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