IPv4 squatters on the move again?

Tero Toikkanen Tero.Toikkanen at nebula.fi
Tue Sep 7 10:34:46 UTC 2010

Yeah, it's pretty obvious from the start. I'd like to see the VoIP-system with those requirements...

I just think these cases should be made public to at least slow these guys down, just in case someone else is less cluefull :) If these really happen all the time in the big world, this list may not be the right place, but just something Google can find. This is not first case we have come across requests like this, but still not so common in the Finnish hosting scene.

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> Kind of funny how they intend to do enough 'WholesaleVoIP" on a 10Mbps
> connection/1GB RAM  for a /20 :)
> That is a giveaway in itself.
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> Subject: IPv4 squatters on the move again?
> Anyone hear of the SundownGroup?
> On Thursday we received an interesting RFQ from them and suspect their
> intentions for requesting an IP assignment isn't exactly what they state. We
> have already turned them down, but thought others might be interested in
> their activities as well. RIPE NCC has also been notified of this.
> In brief they wanted to buy colo form us: "P4 single core @ 2 Ghz, 1 GB RAM,
> 60 GB HD, Linux CentOS 5x.x, 10 Mbps bandwidth. A single /21 or /20 net block
> of IP Adresses"
> Their reason for requesting such a large address block was "As we are
> currently launching our WholesaleVOIP operation we are in desperate need of
> this IP space as part of our ARIN process we will need these ranges SWIPd to
> us and we will in turn renumber with ARIN and return the netblocks to you as
> soon as ours are allocated and routed."
> Interesting tidbits about the company we and the networking community have
> already found out:
> Compare http://sundowngroup.com/ and http://www.edgecast.com/ (Edgecast has
> been notified).
> The contact address is the same as National University Nevada (nu.edu):
> Sundown Capital Management LLC
> 2850 Horizon Ridge Parkway
> Henderson, Nevada 89052
> United States of America
> They also have virtually no Internet presence
> (http://www.google.com/search?q=%22Sundown+Capital+Management%22)
> The first result shows them as a franchicing company with contact address in
> California: http://www.scribd.com/doc/14385124/QFA-Unit-Final-PDF-File-of-
> 32709-FDD-With-Exhibits
> I'd say this case is pretty obvious...
> With Kind Regards,
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> Tero Toikkanen
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