Complain to your vendors (was Re: Did your BGP crash today?)

Neil J. McRae neil at
Wed Sep 1 10:28:07 UTC 2010


> Maybe the NANOG conference committee (or whatever its called) could get a
> couple of major router vendor gerbils to come to the next NANOG and talk
> to
> this issue?
> Maybe?
> Okay, I give up.

Recently I've been involved in some issues such as this working with
Alcatel Lucent and Cisco to jointly test how their routing protocols
interact with each other. As I think you try to point out, it was like
herding cats, pushing jelly up the wall, mowing the lawn with scissors

However one of the aspects that came out of this was that it required some
changes by service providers. Burgess from the RTG at Cisco has commited
to working with me and Alcatel to put together a presentation on this for
the NANOG community (hopefully it would be something that the PC would be
interested in). I doubt this will be ready for the next meeting but should
be for the one after.

If we allow vendors just to throw in the towel on these issues then its
the service provider community to blame. In my view we have bit by bit
step by step ended up in a very dark place. With our entire planet now
completely reliant on Internet and Data networks its time for action.

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