Q-In-Q using M7i and CISCO Switch

Giuliano Cardozo Medalha giulianocm at uol.com.br
Wed Sep 1 00:25:07 UTC 2010


We have a client with the following situation:

                                                             v1, v2, v3
  -------| Switch | ----------| Switch |----------------| 
Switch|------------- JUNIPER M7i IQ2E -----

Carrier offers only 3 vlans to the client.  But he wants to push some 
more vlans inside the 3 ones.

It is possible to initiate and finish Q-In-Q vlans using a cisco ME 
switch and a JUNIPER M7i with IQ2E interface ?

The following link shows stack configuration. It can be used to do 
Q-In-Q with this situation  ?


Someone tries to configure it any time ?

Thanks a lot,


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