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Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Sun Oct 24 12:07:51 CDT 2010

In a message written on Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 11:09:28AM -0500, Jack Bates wrote:
> variety of tags/tunnels/etc by the time it gets to the cell phone.  It 
> cracks me up that SONET interfaces default 4470, and ethernet still 
> defaults to 1500. I've yet to see an MTU option in standard circuit 
> setup forms, which would indicate to me that asking for a higher MTU 
> might get me one extra link before dropping back to 1500ish.

I've had pretty good luck asking for higher MTU's on both customer
and peering links.  I'd say about an 80% success rate for dedicated
GigE's.  It's generally not on the forms though, and sometimes you
get what I consider weird responses.  For instance I know several
providers who won't going higher than 4470 on ethernet.

If more folks asked for higher MTUs it might become part of the standard
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