NTP Server

Brandon Kim brandon.kim at brandontek.com
Sun Oct 24 10:34:12 CDT 2010

Hey guys:

I wanted to open up this question regarding NTP server. I recalled someone had created a posting of this quite awhile back.
>From a service provider/ISP standpoint,  does anyone think that having a local NTP server is really necessary?

I've asked some of my fellow engineers at work and many of them gives me the same response, "Can't we just use free ones out on the internet?"

1) How necessary do you believe in local NTP servers? Do you really need the logs to be perfectly accurate?
2) If you do have a local NTP server, is it only for local internal use, or do you provide this NTP server to your clients as an added service?
3) If you do have a local NTP server, do you have a standby local NTP server or do you use the internet as your standby server?


Thanks in advance, and this list is such a valuable wealth of resource....



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