IPv4 sunset date set for 2019-12-31

Franck Martin franck at genius.com
Thu Oct 21 16:31:03 CDT 2010

Putting a sunset clause will happen but when it won't matter much. We are not there yet.

However, I could see it also coming from a vendor as a way to get customers to upgrade (after that date we will not support IPv4 anymore and provide patches for IPv4). 

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>> How would you respond if that were announced?
>> If I were king for a day,
> But you aren't.  No one is.
> The core requirement for such announcements is that there be a real
> enforcement arm.

Not necessarily. If you announce that YOU will treat that date as a
sunset date for IPv4 and invite other organizations to sign up for the
declaration, you might be able to get a movement going. Alice's
Restaurant comes to mind as does the Cluetrain Manifesto.

> The best that can be done with respect to declaring a IPv4 sunset date is
> localized pockets of such control.
> One could, of course, imagine a federation of such pockets...

That is too top down, and sounds too much like the ITU, a federation
of governments.

I don't think that would work but a voluntary manifesto that people
could sign up to would work.

--Michael Dillon

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