Definitive Guide to IPv6 adoption

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nks writes:
> It makes a bigger difference if everyone starts using 6RD - to give out =
> a /48 effectively=20
> requires a  /16, and the number of /16s is by no means approximately =
> infinite.=20
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> Marshall

Only if you deploy 6rd in a naive manner.  Encoding all of IPv4
into the IPv6 prefix you hand your customers in naive.

The best way is to just have a table that matches 6rd prefixes to
IPv4 blocks you have assigned.  This table only changes when you
add or remove a IPv4 assignments from RIRs.  You don't change
existing entries in the table.  The entries are static for the life
of the IPv4 allocation.


When you configure a IPv4 DHCP pool and associated router interface
you find the covering IPv4 prefix and plug in the values from the

The next best way is to have a similar table but per covering IPv4/8
you have allocated.  This is very wasteful but not as having a 
IPv4PrefixLen of 0.


For the global naive case the table degenerates to a single row.


As a exercise the first table was ~20 entries for Comcast Cable and
the second table about ~10 entries if I did the lookup correctly
so we are not talking about a lot of prefixes and they don't change
very often.

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