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Ryan Shea ryanshea at
Wed Oct 13 20:19:19 CDT 2010

Jeff I had the same situation last week. Yahoo! was nice enough to send a
survey after ignoring my questions and concerns. It may be interesting to
others (or at least me) how you fare in your adventure to get removed from
their blacklist.


On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 3:54 PM, Jeff Archambeau <
JArchambeau at> wrote:

> I am having an email issue with yahoo's email blacklists and their
> auto-responses have been less than helpful.  If there is a yahoo mail
> administrator on this list, would you please contact me off-list so we can
> discuss the issue and help me resolve this?
> Thanks.
> Jeff Archambeau
> Core3 Solutions LLC
> jarchambeau at<mailto:jarchambeau at>
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> 248.530.1001 (Ext. 108) :: Office
> 248.498.6098 :: Fax
> 248.530.1001 :: Helpdesk

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