New hijacking - Done via via good old-fashioned Identity Theft

Sven Olaf Kamphuis sven at
Thu Oct 7 14:23:07 CDT 2010

> When was email *ever* expected to be real-time?  If you need real time, use IM (the clue is in the "I"), or pick up the phone.

if you simply run the smtpd on port 25 of the little boxy thing with the 
blinking lights and the big shiney apple on it on your 
desk (which has for most applications replaced the big dusty mainframe in 
the basement to which your (real-time interactive!) terminal on your desk 
connected.. and give it a "real" ip, its pretty much real time.

and that's how it was meant to be used, yet made impossible by those dusty 
old self-declared 'spam fighters', with their clearly non working methods.

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