AS6517 - Reliance Globalcom -- routing three more hijacked blocks

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Wed Oct 6 22:36:13 CDT 2010

Has anybody ever succeeded at sending any e-mail to the
<abuse at> address?  It doesn't seem to
work for me. I just get undeliverable bounces.

I'd like to, you know, at least inform them about all of these hijacked
routes that _they_ are announcing, but I guess I need to do that via
smoke signal or something.

Well, anyway, here's three more hijacked blocks that they (AS6517)
are routing.  This is in addition to the 75 such blocks I've already
reported.  (I guess that makes 78 hijacked blocks for them, in total.)    NET-198-99-245-0-1
			( - domain registered 2009-10-30)   NET-198-151-138-0-1
			( - registered 07-09-2010, in the
						Cayman Islands)     NET-207-45-56-0-1
			( - see above)

Name server dump of the above blocks, illustrating snowshoe spam domains:

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