Facebook down!! Alert!

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> On Wed, 6 Oct 2010, david raistrick wrote:
> > On Wed, 6 Oct 2010, Andrew Kirch wrote:
> >
> >> No, the majority does not define what "operational" means. Facebook
> >> is
> >> not a mission critical internet resource (such as a fiber cut,
> >> power
> >
> > not a mission critical internet resource -to you-
> to be clear, I could give a damn about if we talk about this on nanog
> or
> not. (and I agree that outages is the right place to announce outages,
> and outage-discuss to discuss them).
> my point is that facebook has moved beyond being a pure content
> provider,
> and (much like, say, google) provide both content AND service. I have
> dependancies on facebook's (as do many many others who perhaps dont
> yet
> hire folks who even know what nanog is but someday will) services.
> without them, my teams can't work and my employeer loses signiicant
> figures of revenue per day.
> so facebook is very much operationally relevant for my network, and
> that
> these mixed content/service providers will be more and more relevant
> as
> time goes on and we as a community should figure out how to deal with
> their transition from pure content to perhaps some day pure service.

This thread proves too me yet again that nanog is the internets equivalent of a giant panty raid.  This isn't the outages list & I am rather annoyed that we must discuss junk social media sites such as facebook.  Just because you are panicing does not mean that the thousands of people on this list give a flying rats ass that facebook is down!
Can we please discuss relevant topics such as running networks? (for instance NOT @#[email protected]#$ing FACEBOOK!)
This list over the last year has just gone soo far downhill that I am most likely going to unsubscribe from it as I don't get any technical benefit from the garbage that is discussed on this list 99.999999999999999% of the time.  



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