Scam telemarketers spoofing our NOC phone number for callerid

Matthew Huff mhuff at
Wed Oct 6 10:43:49 CDT 2010

Digital all the way through. No sip. No outside access to the PBX subnet either. Just a mininute ago our telco has verified that the calls are not orginating from out phone system. It's a simple caller id spoofing. People don't realize that caller id can be spoofed and therefore are 100% sure that we are makign the harrasing calls. 

Just wanted nanog to be aware of this since the only two numbers that this has happened with are the ones in our ARIN whois records.

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> > Our system is PRI based, not sip.
> PRI for origination and termination...but what are your phones?  Old
> school or VOIP/SIP?  If your phone system supports SIP clients, it really
> ought to be IP restricted to only allow your phones access, or use
> something like fail2ban to stop the SIP scanners from eventually gaining
> access.
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