AS11296 -- Hijacked?

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> Quite possible if one is using it to distribute a virus. RE: Spanair
> flight JK-5022
> omputer-viruses-may-have-contributed-to-Spanish-2008-plane-crash

A more recent Interim report:

The crew apparently skipped the step where they were supposed to deploy
the slats/flaps prior to takeoff.

Additionally, the warning system on the aircraft which should have alerted
the crew to the failure to extend the flaps/slats also failed to sound.

A computer virus may have had a small contribution to the failure to detect
the warning system failure in the maintenance process, but, it did not cause
the accident.

The accident is clearly the result of pilot error, specifically the failure to
properly configure the aircraft for takeoff and failure to take remedial
action upon activation of the stall warning system during the initial

Owen (who is also a pilot with a commercial rating)

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