AS11296 -- Hijacked?

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Fri Oct 1 17:39:39 CDT 2010

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> > Quite possible if one is using it to distribute a virus. RE: Spanair
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> > omputer-viruses-may-have-contributed-to-Spanish-2008-plane-crash
> Hi George,
> That's been debunked.

Good.  Ok, now shall we move on to Stuxnet which now seems to be
infiltrating China.  We don't know yet if that will cause any problems
or not.  The idea that there are fairly significant amounts of address
space that could be used for practically anything at any time is
probably a bigger issue in 2010 than it was in 1995 simply because we
have more infrastructure that is either directly or indirectly exposed
to it.  Malware distributed on the internet can find its way onto a
laptop and from there a thumb drive and from there to a computer used
for medical purposes or at a chemical plant is more plausible of a
scenario these days.  Why make it EASY to distribute such things?  

Why do you seem to be defending the idea that it is somehow good to have
lots of unaccounted for address space out there?  Do you use it for


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