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I would have said OK, and then we'll go ahead and renew your contract
with us at current price + $X/Mbps.


On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 9:12 PM, Richard A Steenbergen <ras at> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 11:45:53AM -0800, Kevin Oberman wrote:
>> We have seen the same thing with other carriers. As far as I can see,
>> Comcast is congested, at least at Equinix in San Jose. Since this is
>> all over private connections (at least in our case), the fabric is not
>> an issue.
>> Maybe they will be using the money from Level(3) to increase capacity
>> on the peerings with the transit providers. (Or maybe not.)
> I don't know about their connection to TWT, but Comcast has definitely
> been running their transits congested. The most obvious one from recent
> months is Tata, which appears to be massively congested for upwards of
> 12 hours a day in some locations. Comcast has been forcing traffic from
> large networks who refuse to peer with them (e.g. Abovenet, NTT, Telia,
> XO, etc) to route via their congested Tata transit for a few months now,
> their Level3 transit is actually one of the last uncongested providers
> that they have.
> The part that I find most interesting about this current debacle is how
> Comcast has managed to convince people that this is a peering dispute,
> when in reality Comcast and Level3 have never been peers of any kind.
> Comcast is a FULL TRANSIT CUSTOMER of Level3, not even a paid peer. This
> is no different than a Comcast customer refusing to pay their cable
> modem bill because Comcast "sent them too much traffic" (i.e. the
> traffic that they requested), and then demanding that Comcast pay them
> instead. Comcast is essentially abusing it's (in many cases captive)
> customers to extort other networks into paying them if they want
> uncongested access. This is the kind of action that virtually BEGS for
> government involvement, which will probably end badly for all networks.
> If there is any doubt about any of this, you can pop on over to
> and look at the BGP communities Comcast is tagging on
> their Level3 transit service, preventing the routes from being exported
> to certain peers. For example, to my home cable modem:
> Community: North_America Lclprf_100 Level3_Customer United_States
> Chicago2 EU_Suppress_to_Peers Suppress_to_AS174 Suppress_to_AS1239
> Suppress_to_AS1280 Suppress_to_AS1299 Suppress_to_AS1668
> Suppress_to_AS2828 Suppress_to_AS2914 Suppress_to_AS3257
> Suppress_to_AS3320 Suppress_to_AS3549 Suppress_to_AS3561
> Suppress_to_AS3786 Suppress_to_AS4637 Suppress_to_AS5511
> Suppress_to_AS6453 Suppress_to_AS6461 Suppress_to_AS6762
> Suppress_to_AS7018 Suppress_to_AS7132
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