Level 3 Communications Issues Statement ConcerningComcast'sActions

Michael Painter tvhawaii at shaka.com
Tue Nov 30 18:01:47 CST 2010

Marshall Eubanks wrote:
>> http://www.insidebayarea.com/oaklandtribune/localnews/ci_16526623?source
>> =rss
>> The cable companies are losing subs at an increasing rate.  People are
>> using them for internet and not buying the television programming.  If
>> Comcast can't collect from their "cord-cutting" customers, then they
>> will collect from the content providers whose products their customers
>> are using.
> I have been told that "cutting the cord" are the 3 most frightening words in the cable industry today.
> IMO, they need to see that they are service providers, not gate-keepers. I am afraid that the Level-3 response here
> may help them to cling on to the legacy business model and avoid facing the new situation before them.
> Regards
> Marshall

And after reading the article, I came away with:
"Six companies create the content that consumes 85 percent of U.S. viewing hours, Moffett said. "Until they get on board, 
the train's not leaving the station." "

Cable's going to take a hit, but until those six companies make their content available on the Internet...

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