Level 3 Communications Issues Statement ConcerningComcast'sActions

Brandon Butterworth brandon at rd.bbc.co.uk
Tue Nov 30 06:40:47 CST 2010

> And before we get too much into HD vs Codecs vs 720P vs 1080p vs
> "true HD" marketing BS, I capture out of my camera's HDMI port at
> 3Gbit/s and I am not running 4:4:4 color.  So what is HD and what it
> the allowable compression for it still to be considered as such.

Whatever marketing feel like, there is no absolute High Definition,
it's really Higher Definition where the reference is undefined.

When access speeds get to 1Gbit/s they'll no doubt be unhappy
that we may stream something like this -


If you make it they will fill it.


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