Level 3 Communications Issues Statement ConcerningComcast'sActions

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Tue Nov 30 00:58:03 CST 2010

> I'd be willing to pay ~$250/month for global unlimited
> voice/data
> and my usage would not increase very much above what you're already
> providing). I also happen to know that I'm not the only consumer that
> would very much like to be able to purchase this kind of service.
> Owen

So would I.  I make a fair amount of international calls/month but not
very many (say less than a dozen in a normal month and that might
increase to 20 if I had such a plan).  Thing is that when I do, they are
often conference calls that last a while.

The problem with "unlimited" is the 85/15 problem where 15% of your
users are responsible for 85% of your traffic.

Give someone unlimited international and you are going to get a bunch of
people such as foreign students who will be chatting with their friends
back home all day.  The issue with terminating international calls is
that often the terminating telecom monopoly charges the initiating telco
per minute for the call.

Unlimited mobile to mobile might be an option in some countries, though.
Calling landlines in foreign countries doesn't scale when "unlimited" is
in the equation.


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