Level 3 Communications Issues Statement Concerning Comcast's Actions

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Nov 30 00:10:52 CST 2010

> AFAIC, Comcast really doesn't have a leg to stand on by doing this. Unfortunately L3 set a very bad precedent by caving into Comcast's pressure.
Actually, by paying but crying foul, I think L3 is doing the best they can with a bad situation and as much as it pains me, I applaud
L3 for this. The other options were:

	+ Cave without crying foul -- Bad on both fronts.
	+ Refuse -- Moral high ground, but, degraded service harmful to L3 and Comcast customers alike.

I think it is better to try and preserve good user experiences and resolve the situation through "diplomatic" methods
as L3 appears to be attempting to do. Hopefully this will lead to sufficient "peer pressure" (no pun intended) to
get Comcast to eventually renege.


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