Level 3 Communications Issues Statement Concerning Comcast'sActions

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Mon Nov 29 21:52:54 CST 2010

> It would be bad form, IMO, for the state to come back to Mc'D's and
> "hey...you guys are doing a thriving business here...we want a bigger
> and if we don't get it, we'll barracade the exits and you'll do NO
> in these shops you've stood up.  Furthermore, we don't care if our
> (drivers on the highway) have bought the McD's meal plan for their
> trips up and down the road...they can't do business here."

But it is worse than that.  It is as if the Connecticut transportation
authority opened their own burger joints and *then* threatened to block
the exits if McDonald's doesn't pay up.  

I am a great fan of markets and I am sure economics will "route around
the damage" in this case, but it will take a while. 

I hope Comcast comes up with a better answer in the long run.

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