experience with equinix exchange

Fredy Kuenzler kuenzler at init7.net
Mon Nov 29 17:25:05 CST 2010

Am 29.11.2010 20:44, schrieb Richard A Steenbergen:
> Uhh... Reality check, with the S&D acquisition Equinix controls the VAST
> majority of the IX traffic in the US. [...]

I was actually quite surprised that, when the merger of Equinix and S&D was
announced, no competition commission woke up and regulated it. An order
could have been for example the independence of the former PAIX exchanges.

I don't think in Europe a merger of AMSIX, LINX and DECIX would be accepted
by the EU competition commission. Though these three exchanges are not for
profit, which is, of course, another background.

Fredy Künzler
Init7 / AS13030

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