Network management software with high detailed traffic report

Sergey Voropaev serge.devorop at
Fri Nov 26 08:24:39 CST 2010

Yes you are correct about financial sector.
Is it possible to view flows (at least srs and dst addresses) in the NMS or
only interface utilization?

On 26 November 2010 14:56, Jeff Gehlbach <jeffg at> wrote:

> "Diogo Montagner" <diogo.montagner at> wrote:
> >I am just curios what kind of application/network requires this
> >aggressive monitoring.
> My experience shows that Sergey is representative of shops in the financial
> sector. We have a number of clients who use OpenNMS to collect interface
> traffic data every two seconds for their links to trading systems.
> -jeff

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