reporting physical plant damage to AT&T?

Warren Bailey wbailey at
Thu Nov 25 16:03:59 CST 2010


This may help you:

remarks:         AT&T Global Webhosting Managed Operations
phone:           +18882912750
phone:           +6567772357
remarks:         Select option 2, 2
abuse-mailbox:   abuse at
<[email protected]&inverse_attrib

AT&T has been notoriously unclear of their contact numbers.

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On 11/25/10 12:14 PM, "Paul Vixie" <vixie at> wrote:

>there's a pacific telephone j-box at the edge of a parking lot in san
>california that's been hit by a car hard enough to spring the door open.
>copper punchdowns are now freely and publically accessible.  i think it's
>pac tel or pac bell or sbc any more, so what i need is to know how to tell
>AT&T that they've got a physical plant problem that will soon be customer
>affecting, especially with the weather like it is.  there was a
>you-dig sticker on it so i called that number and they said it wasn't
>problem.  i'm trying to do the right thing by asking AT&T to make it so if
>i google for "report damage to at&t" it will give a useful result.
>if someone from at&t asks me i will tell them the road address of the box.
>(i am not an at&t customer and calling 1-800-CALL-ATT did me no good at

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