Network management software with high detailed traffic report

Frank Bulk - frnkblk at
Mon Nov 22 14:32:55 CST 2010

Well, on the RSP720, the "show interface" byte counters are definitely not
every second, though I can't say it's been as long as 9 seconds.  I
typically look at them while making changes and they definitely stand still
for a few seconds.


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On Mon, 22 Nov 2010, Nick Hilliard wrote:

> some do, some don't.  For example, sup720 snmp counters are updated every
> seconds, while the "show interface" counters are updated every 30 seconds.

That is most certainly NOT true.  The 'show interface' counters update at 
least once a second.  Perhaps you are thinking about the rate counters 
that are often _configured_ to use the last 30 seconds of data to compute 
the average but also update much more often than every 30 seconds (and 
default to a 5 minute average).

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