Auditing a network to add Voice

Kasper Adel karim.adel at
Mon Nov 22 10:17:18 CST 2010

Hi Bret,

These guys are not looking for measuring traffic generated by a tool, they
want to measure what they have running now (not only Voice). I am not sue if
measuring what they have or generating traffic and measuring it is the same
thing. what do u think?


On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 5:54 PM, Bret Clark <bclark at>wrote:

> Iperf can be used to measure jitter and delay as well as simulate a quasi
> VoIP call. You can also use mtr under Linux which provides jitter and delay
> measurements from one point to another point. A g.729 call (lower quality)
> takes about ~40kbps and a g.711 (high quality) used about ~100Kbps of
> bandwidth. With most of today's networks, the problem isn't bandwidth
> related, but more with jitter, delay, and packet loss through the
> network...personally I'm a big fan of deploying QoS through out an
> infrastructure...well at least in our WAN infrastructure.
> Bret
> On 11/22/2010 09:59 AM, Kasper Adel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My customer would like to add VoIP over their network and they asked us
>> for
>> an audit. the result of the audit would be simply "you guys are ready for
>> it"
>> Breaking it down [high level] for me sounds like : (suggestions are more
>> than welcomed) :
>> 1) Looking at hardware computation finite resources (cpu, memory...etc)
>> 2) Looking at available bandwidth
>> 3) QoS policy
>> 4) High Availability and Fast Convergence
>> Any thing else?
>> They asked us to measure the KPIs (jitter, delay...etc) of their existing
>> traffic, is there a way to do that?
>> Thanks,
>> Kim

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