Blocking International DNS

Joe Abley jabley at
Mon Nov 22 09:25:19 CST 2010

On 2010-11-22, at 00:00, Jeffrey Lyon wrote:

> Indeed, offshore resolvers, offshore DNS infrastructure and the
> progressive's futile attempts at interference with free markets is
> once again thwarted. We all know that U.S. law helps keep the internet
> safe </sarcasm>

You don't think

"(i) a service provider, as that term is defined in section 512(k)(1) of title 17, United States Code, or other operator of a domain name system server shall take reasonable steps that will prevent a domain name from resolving to that domain name’s Internet protocol address;"

could be taken as a requirement for providers to intercept attempts to use off-network DNS resolvers and manage such requests to meet the end goal above?

Given that many providers already do this (for whatever reason), it's not much of a stretch to see someone declaring that such behaviour falls under the umbrella of "reasonable steps".

I'm not suggesting that I think any of this is reasonable or sensible, but it does seem to imply an operational burden on service providers.


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