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On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 6:40 AM, Richard Hartmann
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> On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 16:54, William Herrin <bill at> wrote:
>> Because in my version fd::/8
>> actually is the same as fd00::/8, which, as you rightly point out, is
>> exactly what a normal human being would naturally expect.
> Which is against every expectation of anyone who ever learned Arabic
> numbers in a left-to-right system. As Owen pointed out, filling with
> zeros on the right-hand side would be, to put it lightly, a disaster.
> Maybe I should have worded that more strongly in my last reply.


A route prefix is always trimmed on the right. Always. That's why we
call it a "PREfix."

Trimming zeros on both the left and the right, as the correctly
written IPv6 notation "1::/16" would have us do, is confusing. It's
like writing one million and one tenth as "1,,.1" instead of

> Please don't group several emails into one. It breaks threads. And
> while I could not find anything about this in the NANOG FAQ, it's
> common netiquette not to do so.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Flooding a list with half a
dozen replies on the same thread at the same time is poor netiquette
for its impact on unthreaded mail agents and if your mailer started a
new thread for this message in spite of the identical subject and
in-reply-to header then it's broken.

> On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 23:50, William Herrin <bill at> wrote:
>> Looks like an ass-u-me. If you think the use if IPv4 addresses in URLs
>> is infrequent, it's mostly "u." Get out in the field some time.
> Ad hominem usually does not do much to maintain or improve the quality
> of a discussion.

Insolence alone does not rise to argumentum ad hominem. "The predicate
assumption is wrong. Here's several paragraphs about what's actually
observed in the field," certainly isn't. If you want to call me out on
a logical fallacy, at least call me out on one I've actually

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