Network management software with high detailed traffic report

Sergey Voropaev serge.devorop at
Mon Nov 22 03:35:10 CST 2010

Does any one know the NMS (network management software) which can do the

1. Monitor on Cisco Routers/Switches interface utilization every 5-10
seconds and send e-mail alarm when utilization low or high of predefined
2. Collect net-flow statistics (at least src/dst) with granularity of 5-10-

The main idea is to have detailed monitoring of the external links and to be
able to know why (by what traffic type) and when link was highly utilized.

Existing flow-collector can store netflow reports only with 1 minute
granularity but we need 5-10 second.

As about e-mail alarms - now I do it by embedded event manager on the
router. But I think it would be better to use external SNMP software for
As about detailed to 5-10 second netflow statistics there are 2 ways.
1st - Use port mirror and use some software which can analyze captured
traffic and made a good reports. Do you know such software?
2nd - Use SNMP or telnet/ssh for access to the router/switch every 5-10
seconds and catch netflow counters. Do you now such software?

thanks in advance for you help.

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