Blocking International DNS

Ken Chase ken at
Sun Nov 21 23:11:18 CST 2010

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 12:00:43AM -0500, Jeffrey Lyon said:
  >Indeed, offshore resolvers, offshore DNS infrastructure and the
  >progressive's futile attempts at interference with free markets is
  >once again thwarted. We all know that U.S. law helps keep the internet
  >safe </sarcasm>

When I ran a bunch of quake servers last century, I was endlessly frustrated
by everyone using the IP addresses and never DNS. I have no idea why.

Obviously it wasnt too much of a pain to do that, cuz eveyrone did it for
a long time.

So people will just use other resolvers, or direct IP addresses. (but then so
much for http/1.0 virtual hosting, I suppose... not a big deal.)

Dont know what the next law will be - mandatory blackholing of IPs? So then
the sites move randomly around /24s or /22s or whole /16s at ISPs. So then
blackhole the whole /16 by law? That'll be an interesting internet.

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