Introducing draft-denog-v6ops-addresspartnaming

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Sun Nov 21 10:40:02 CST 2010

On 11/21/10 7:54 AM, William Herrin wrote:
> We've gone too far down the wrong path to change it now; colons are
> going to separate every second byte in the v6 address. But from a
> human factors perspective, floating colons would have been better.
>>From a computer parser perspective, a character other than a colon
> would have been better because colons are already claimed for many for
> other syntax elements that include an IP address, like the
> address/port separator in a URL.

The benefits of hindsight are myriad...

The uri schema is contemporaneous with rfc 1883 as is a lot of formative
work in a lot of areas 1992-1994 range.

There is a lot of assumption on the part of ipv6 that the use of ipv6
literals in uri's would be a rather infrequent occurrence, given how
infrequent it is in ipv4 it would seem to be a reasonable assumption.

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