experience with equinix exchange

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Sat Nov 20 16:46:59 CST 2010

> I have found that you can (if you call the NOC rather than using their
> portal) explain "We're expecting a whole lot of stuff from the
> following
> vendors over the next <n> days." and that works just fine for the
> shipping ticket problem when you're building out a new facility.

And that is exactly what ended up happening. But it turns out that we
probably weren't the only ones and they have since modified their policy
somewhat to be more accommodating.

> Trying to do this through their portal, well, down that path lies
> madness.

Yeah, that thing can put you into a region of twisty turny tunnels.

> Depending on the type of UPS call tag, uh, yeah... Maybe.

It wasn't a "call tag", it came with a completely filled out shipping
label.  I could have simply dropped it off. But not really a big deal, I
just happened to be in a hurry that day and learned only at the last
second that I needed to open a ticket.  Just a little frustrating under
the particular circumstances of that particular day.  Not a big deal.

> ROFL Yep... It's even more annoying when you know why.

They cite some issue with the "fire marshal" but don't all the data
centers in the region have the same fire marshal with the same fire
regulations?  Why they behave differently, I have no idea.  It isn't
that hard to put a trash cart in the facility where people can dispose
of the packing material after installation.  It can get worrisome when I
have several modules exposed on a cart.  If one falls off it can be an
incident costing many thousands of dollars depending on what it is.

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