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I second that, we're only getting ~2665 IPv6 prefixes from Cogent 
compared to the ~3650 from our other transits. (been like that for more 
then a year now)

Cogent's stance on it is 'You're multihomed with other transits, so 
you're still reachable anyways' which strikes me as very odd for someone 
who's supposed to be selling global transit.
They once called me asking about how satisfied we were with their IPv6 
transit, but quickly ended the conversation once I asked about the 
incomplete feed and the HE peering refusal.

Personally we don't see Cogent as a serious transit provider for IPv6 
and have their v6 prefixes set with a very low priority.

On 11/19/10 12:35 PM, Job W. J. Snijders wrote:
> Hello,
> On 19 nov 2010, at 00:00, Nick Olsen wrote:
>> That's what I'm hearing. Cogent refuses to peer with HE via IPv6.
>> So cogent IPv6 Customers currently can not hit things at HE. And they can't
>> do anything about it. Besides 6to4 tunneling and BGP peering with HE (or
>> native, If they can).
> A few weeks ago I compared what cogent sees compared to a tata+highwinds feed.
> http://blog.snijders-it.nl/2010/10/cogent-as174-does-not-have-full-ipv6.html
> They are missing roughly 1000 prefixes.
> Kind regards,
> Job Snijders


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