Why is your company treating IPv6 turn ups as a sales matter?

Pierfrancesco Caci p.caci at seabone.net
Fri Nov 19 02:34:27 CST 2010

:-> "William" == William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> writes:

    > Hiya folks,
    > Why are your respective companies treating IPv6 turn ups as a sales
    > matter instead of a standard technical change request like IP
    > addresses or BGP? Sprint and Qwest, I know you're guilty. How many of
    > the rest of you are making IPv6 installation harder for your customers
    > than it needs to be?

For us, SLAs are not guaranteed for IPv6 yet, hence we want customers to
acknowledge that. This is bound to change sometime in the near future
of course. 



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