Why is your company treating IPv6 turn ups as a sales matter?

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Thu Nov 18 17:42:42 CST 2010

> My point was this: if IPv6 is the next Internet protocol then at some
> point in the very near future it is a -standard- component of -every-
> product you're paid for. Not a "new" feature customers may order. At
> worst it's like requesting IP addresses - an included component
> configurable with a tech support ticket.

Exactly.  Actually, I would go one step farther, if you don't have
native v6 as a standard feature, you aren't offering "Tier 1" (whatever
that is) internet access and are offering only a subset of the Internet.
There really isn't an excuse for the major providers not to be
ubiquitous v6 native at this point.  I agree, v6 should be "standard
internet", not anything special or premium.  In fact, customers should
be demanding discounts for v4 only service.  It just isn't worth paying
good money for substandard capability.

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