IPv6 Space Management. Tracking, not Allocating

Justin Wilson lists at mtin.net
Wed Nov 17 12:38:05 CST 2010

    It seems Ipplan V6 is a pretty widely used tool after reading the recent
discussions.  I would encourage anyone using it to donate some money.  The
project page has some paypal buttons.  I am not affiliated with IPPLAN at
all but use it quite a bit.  $5 is not too much to spare for such a valuable

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From: Greg Whynott <Greg.Whynott at oicr.on.ca>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 13:32:23 -0500
To: Mike Oliver <mwoliver at gmail.com>
Cc: nanog <nanog at merit.edu>
Subject: Re: IPv6 Space Management. Tracking, not Allocating

good for you Mike,  for contributing.  thanks.

>> Open Source world - leaching off the good will and effort of the Open Source
>> community, yet give nothing in return.

>  then you would also want to grab
> the patch I posted to the bug tracker.  Enjoy, I do.
> --
> Mike Oliver, KT2T


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