Cisco 6500 QoS Priority Queuing (DSCP & EXP based)

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Wed Nov 17 09:36:12 CST 2010

This depends on which line cards you have in your chassis.  This configuration below won't work on 6700 series line cards.  You have to use the wrr commands.  I didn't test it, but MQC configuration below should work on ES series line cards.


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I would to translate following 7200 QoS configuration to Catalyst 6500:

class-map match-any PQ
  match  dscp ef
  match mpls experimental topmost 5

policy-map QOS-PE-OUT
 class PQ
   priority percent 33
 class class-default

AFAIK we need extra command on 6500 to enable Priority Queuing at the
interface level but my problem is that interface priority command are only
COS based not DSCP nor EXP. I may be wrong.

I would appreciate any 6500 QoS help.

Thanks in advance





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