The i-root china reroute finally makes fox news. And congress.

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Wed Nov 17 03:38:42 CST 2010


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 > Hard to decipher what the Fox report is actually talking about, 
 > but I suspect it relates to 

I would echo the thoughts earlier in this thread that the Fox story 
is making rather non-technical or technically vague statements.

As I read the text [*], my suspicion is that this report has very 
little to do with the I-root's global Beijing instance (exposure to 
risk here would requires DNS tampering, visibility outside China 
and, to boot, is probabilistic, rather than wholesale).  The article 
makes references to the terms hijacking, redirection, a 'state-owned 
Chinese telecommunications firm' and 'security vulnerabilities 
pertaining to Internet routing processes'.
It seems much more likely that this article is a digested summary of 
the routing leak (re-origination) of tens of thousands of prefixes 
by AS 27374, discussed on this list and detailed by BGPMon:

Danny McPherson also posted a nice summary here, as well, and 
identfies the problem we know and love so well (BGP) and even refers 
'routing by rumour', as you did David.

The Fox story twice refers to 2010-04-18, but the date was 


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