OT: VM slicing and dicing

Robert Brockway robert at timetraveller.org
Tue Nov 16 11:06:55 CST 2010

On Mon, 15 Nov 2010, Brandon Kim wrote:

> The issue is that I'm looking for an application that is as turnkey as 
> possible, even if it's a little bit more. That "could" be vCloud 
> Director, I don't know yet....

Hi Brandon.  Turnkey is a relative term - relative to the experience and 
knowledge level of those operating the system.  I've used a lot of 
virtualisation systems and these days consider most of them pretty much 
turnkey (commercial and OSS alike).  Really, you install them, setup 
networking and install some virtual boxes.  Options like OpenVZ come with 
precooked images that you can start with so you don't even need to do an 
install if you don't want to.

Anything as complicated as virtualisation is always going to have some 
learning curve though.

> But I do know that if we have to invest in writing a lot of custom 
> scripts to get what we want, then we don't have the resources for 
> that....

Most of the virtualisation systems I've setup are operated by the 
sysadmins from the cli.   I often write custom scripts to wrapper 
functions but in reality these are often very short, sometimes just a few 
lines long.

BTW I think this would be a perfect topic for a SAGE or LOPSA list.  If 
you're involved in this sort of work then you may wish to consider joining 
one or both of these organisations and participating in the lists.



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