DNS outages

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Possibly, although does not allow this. Maybe other DNS
hosting companies do...

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On 11/14/2010 10:20 PM, John Lightfoot wrote:
> My company uses for DNS hosting and we were hit by its 
> troubles this weekend.  I know there are companies that offer backup 
> DNS services, but those seem to be aimed at companies that host their 
> own DNS, which we're not really interested in doing at this time.  Are

> there mainstream DNS hosting companies that allow customers to use a 
> second company for their backup DNS?  Does allow this?
> is a company that does what you are looking for, to a degree.
They provide a back-up DNS service but under the assumption that they
are backing up your server.  I should not be that difficult to setup
delegation with your primary DNS provider.

Why not just add multiple Names servers from multiple providers under
your Domain Registration?

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