OT: VM slicing and dicing

Brandon Kim brandon.kim at brandontek.com
Mon Nov 15 14:28:43 CST 2010

Thanks guys for keeping this topic alive. =)

I'm leaning towards the opensource or at least the Xen side of things. I haven't yet fully evaluated vCloud Director but I get the gut
feeling that anything "VMware" is going to be costly. 

Is that a fair assumption? 

The issue is that I'm looking for an application that is as turnkey as possible, even if it's a little bit more. That "could" be vCloud Director, I don't know yet....

But I do know that if we have to invest in writing a lot of custom scripts to get what we want, then we don't have the resources for that....

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> Brandon, 
> It really depends on the hypervisor in operation. You can take a look at
> vCloud Director (http://www.vmware.com/products/vcloud-director/) and
> (http://www.bmc.com/products/product-listing/bmc-cloud-lifecycle-management.html)
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> Subject: OT: VM slicing and dicing
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> Hey gents:
> As always I value your input. Best resource on the planet! =)
> I'm hoping this isn't too off-topic if so please respond to me offline if so.
> I figured since most of everyone here are operators working in a datacenter, you may or may
> not have experience with virtualization software that allows you to configure VM's on the fly.
> I'm not looking for companies that offer this service, but the actual software engines that allow you
> to create VM's on the fly. So a customer goes to your website and says I want Win2008 with 8gigs of RAM and 120gigs of HDD.
> Just like custom configuring a new PC.
> Does anyone here have experience or knowledge of companies that offer this type of software engine?
> Thanks in advance!
> Brandon

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