DNS outages

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Mon Nov 15 07:08:45 CST 2010

Possibly, although does not allow this. Maybe other DNS
hosting companies do...

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On 11/14/2010 10:20 PM, John Lightfoot wrote:
> My company uses for DNS hosting and we were hit by its 
> troubles this weekend.  I know there are companies that offer backup 
> DNS services, but those seem to be aimed at companies that host their 
> own DNS, which we're not really interested in doing at this time.  Are

> there mainstream DNS hosting companies that allow customers to use a 
> second company for their backup DNS?  Does allow this?
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> * Brandon Kim:
>> Times like this, makes you curious what kind of infrastructure 
>> has? How does one protect against DDOS?
> You can outsource your DNS, but you better retain a server locally on 
> your network, so that you suffer less from that particular shared

 From the POV of someone who has never used an outsourced DNS service...

Is there a reason you couldn't run a hidden master or two that
replicates to slaves at one or more outsourced DNS hosts?

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