DNS outages

Brandon Kim at
Sat Nov 13 17:36:22 CST 2010

Well they are saying it's DDOS themselves. Straight from their website.

3:30 PM, Saturday, November,13th - On Friday, November 12th we were hit
by a distributed denial of service attack (ddos). We are actively
working to mitigate the attack and restore services as soon as
possible. Every available resource has been deployed to address this
malicious attack. If you are having trouble accessing your webmail,
please try the below alternative webmail access points in order:,,
Please note, only one of these 3 webmail access points will work for
your specific email address. If you require further
assistance please contact customer service at 1888.734.4783. We will
update you as soon as we have more information.

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> Has it been confirmed that's outage was due to a DDOS?
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> > Thanks for the heads up. I just sent an email out to my companies 
> > staff to keep an eye on our own customers if they are noticing any
> issues.
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> > Times like this, makes you curious what kind of infrastructure
> has? How does one protect against DDOS?
> >
> this is not rocket science....srsly...
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> as per usual, vzb's website is a poor excuse for a marketting tool (or
> sales tool, or information gathering tool.. ugh) but, bullet #2 is one
> option (that I think actually was offered at one point in
> time...)
> is 3250/month cheaper than sla payouts from 3 days of running outages
> each year or so?
> -chris

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