DNS outages

Sean Donelan sean at
Sat Nov 13 14:26:41 CST 2010

On Sat, 13 Nov 2010, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> as per usual, vzb's website is a poor excuse for a marketting tool (or
> sales tool, or information gathering tool.. ugh) but, bullet #2 is one
> option (that I think actually was offered at one point in
> time...)
> is 3250/month cheaper than sla payouts from 3 days of running outages
> each year or so?

It depends :-)  Maybe the SLA excludes outages caused by DDOS?  What's the 
one time cost of a lawyer writing an exclusion in a SLA compared to the
monhly recuring cost of paying an ISP for DDOS protection?  For example, 
how much does VZB's? own internet network SLA pay for DDOS caused
ouages if you don't pay the extra $3250/month for VZB's DDOS protection 

Maybe future ISP bills will look like this

Internet access	1000/Mbps	$1/month
Internet modem rental		$2.95/month
Inside wiring protection	$6/month
Outside fiber cut protection	$99/month
Loss of power protection	$995/month
DDOS attack protection		$3,250/month
Route hijacking protection	$3,995/month
Operator error protection	$5,995/month
Natural hazards protection	$6,325/month
Unnatural hazards protection	$7,750/month
Collision and Comprehensive	$9,500/month
   - includes asteroid extinction events if anyone is left to collect

Is it less expensive to pay your ISP for SLA insurance, or to buy 
business interruption insurance from an insurance company?

On the other hand, what types of outages should be covered by the cost of 
Internet access, and what things do you pay extra for an ISP to respond?
If ISP's think of DDOS as a revenue opportunity, why should ISPs do 
anything to avoid millions of Bots launching DDOS attacks?  Fewer bots 
might reduce the need for customers to buy DDOS protection services.

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