Low end, cool CPE.

Marco Hogewoning marcoh at marcoh.net
Fri Nov 12 02:11:50 CST 2010

On 12 nov 2010, at 02:41, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> I've run into a number of low end CPE situations lately where I
> haven't found anything that does what I want, but I have to believe
> it is out there.  I'm hoping NANOG can help.


> What is the state of the art, and who has it?

<shameless plug>

Have a look at http://labs.ripe.net/Members/mirjam/ipv6-cpe-surveys/ if you want some pointers on IPv6 support. As always feedback is more than welcome, I'll try and publish a new one in a few weeks.

</shameless plug>

Frank Bulk maintains something similiair on the arin wiki at http://www.getipv6.info/index.php/Broadband_CPE


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