Low end, cool CPE.

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Thu Nov 11 19:41:00 CST 2010

I've run into a number of low end CPE situations lately where I
haven't found anything that does what I want, but I have to believe
it is out there.  I'm hoping NANOG can help.

Basically think about a sophisticated home user, or a 1-5 person
small office.  Think DSL, Cable Modem, maybe Cell Card or ISDN as
backups.  Looking for an "appliance", very much fire and forget. I
probably won't get all the features that I want, but in no particular

- Able to load balance over 2 links (probably via NAT).
- IPv6 support, native or tunnel to tunnelbroker.net type thing.
- Able to deal with "backup" connectivity, eg. Cell Cards which you
  only want to use if the primary is down.
- User friendly features, e.g. UPNP, NAT-PMP, etc.
- Good manageability.  ssh to a cli would be a huge bonus, at least
  the ability to backup a config.
- Able to handle decent througput, probably 20Mbps/sec min, 50 would
  be nice.
_ Nice firewall features.
- IDS features are cool.

WiFi is not strictly required, but would be cool. Things like "guest"
WiFi would be an added bonus.

Something a NANOGer might want at home would be a good baseline.
I realize the exact product may differ depending on DSL/Cable/Cell/ISDN,
that's ok, let's get some various good solutions going here.

What is the state of the art, and who has it?

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