AS path question.

George Bonser gbonser at
Thu Nov 11 01:52:55 CST 2010

> it very hard to believe anyone legitimately needs an as-path length
> anywhere near that long".  Worst case, someone is silly with their
> number
> of prepends, we don't see their route.  I can't say how long I've been
> doing predates our rancid setup, which means >6 years.
> Though
> it's caused numerous dropped routes, it hasn't generated a single
> complaint.
> In your opinion, is filtering of BGP routes based on prefix length
> a
> sign of ignorance?  Everyone should just be letting all the crap
> through?

There is the argument that anyone with that many prepends doesn't really
want you to see that route anyway and if anything changed on their end
where they really wanted people to see the route and use it, they would
reduce the prepends.

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