AS path question.

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Wed Nov 10 17:44:33 CST 2010

--- Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
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One has to wonder how many places are using the prepend-me-harder
commands to do traffic engineering, and have absolutely no clue that
their prepends are having the opposite effect because the prefix is
being dropped entirely by some AS's.

Do you think (or is there evidence) that very many ASs use maxas-limit type commands?  I have never used it and never had any problems...

I suppose the exact same issue applies for those places that deaggregate
in an attempt to to TE, and the de-aggregated prefixes get munched by
somebody's prefix-length filter.

Only if they're longer than a /24, though; yes?  I imagine no one really filters shorter than a /24 these days.


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