Current trends in capacity planning and oversubscription

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On Nov 9, 2010, at 11:26 PM, Sean Donelan wrote:

> While the answer is always it depends, I was wondering what the current 
> rules of thumb university network engineers are using for capacity 
> planning and oversubscription for resnets and admin networks?
> For K-12, SETDA ( is 
> recommending:
> - An external Internet connection to the Internet Service Provider of at 
> least 100 Mbps per 1,000 students/staff
> - Internal wide area network connections from the district to each school 
> and between schools of at least 1 Gbps per 1,000 students/staff
> How does that compare with university and enterprise network rules of 
> thumb?

  Page 10 of the presentation on the link you provided says those are the numbers they recommend "for the next 5-7 years".  Perhaps they meant to say "in 5 to 7 years"?

  "for the next 2-3 years" they recommend 10 Mbps per 1,000 people to an ISP and 100 Mbps per 1,000 people between schools.

  Our campus is already using almost 3 times the ISP bandwidth recommended "for the next 2-3 years".

  If we take our current ISP bandwidth and increase it by 50% every year for 5 years it would be about twice the 100 Mbps per 1,000 students/staff recommendation.


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